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Owner Operators under The BEST Management Team !!!

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About the Job


Are  you  an  experienced  owner  operator  looking  for  a  rewarding  opportunity?  Look  no  further!  Our  company  is  expanding,  and  we're  in  search  of  reliable  owner  operators  to  join  our  team.

**Why  Choose  Us?**

-  **Competitive  Pay:**  We  offer  some  of  the  best  rates  in  the  industry,  ensuring  that  your  hard  work  is  duly  compensated.
-  **Flexible  Schedule:**  Enjoy  the  freedom  to  create  your  own  schedule  and  take  control  of  your  earning  potential.
-  **Supportive  Team:**  Our  team  is  dedicated  to  providing  you  with  the  resources  and  support  you  need  to  succeed.
-  **Steady  Work:**  With  a  strong  client  base  and  consistent  demand,  you  can  count  on  steady  work  year-round.


-  Valid  CDL  license  with  a  clean  driving  record.
-  Own  or  lease  a  well-maintained  truck.
-  Minimum  of  1  years  of  experience  as  an  owner  operator.
-  Dedication  to  safety  and  customer  satisfaction.


-  Fuel  discounts  and  bonuses.
-  Access  to  our  network  of  maintenance  and  repair  services.
-  Opportunities  for  growth  and  advancement  within  the  company.

If  you're  ready  to  take  your  career  to  the  next  level,  we  want  to  hear  from  you!  Join  our  team  of  skilled  owner  operators  and  experience  the  difference  of  working  with  a  company  that  values  your  hard  work  and  dedication.


Driver Referral Bonus up to 1000$

Clean DOT Inspection Bonuses

Direct Deposit

Legal Services: Access to legal assistance or advice

New Trailers

Lease Purchase and Rental Options Available

Owner Operators Welcome to Apply - Great Owner Operator Program

Fuel Discount Programs

Free Adult Rider Policy from day ONE!

Pet Rider

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CDL Class: CDL A

Experience: 2+ year

DOT Medical Card

Random Drug Testing

Random Alcohol Testing

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