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Striving  for  excellence,  Vas  And  Son  Corp  -a  transportation  co,    emerges  as  a  trailblazing  force  in  the  trucking  industry.  Our  ethos  centers  on  innovation,  sustainability,  and  unparalleled  service.  Equipped  with  state-of-the-art  technology,  our  fleet  navigates  the  highways  with  efficiency  and  environmental  consciousness.  We  redefine  logistics  with  a  commitment  to  timely  deliveries,  ensuring  client  satisfaction.

At  the  heart  of  our  success  lies  a  dedicated  team  of  professionals  who  orchestrate  seamless  operations,  optimizing  routes  and  embracing  eco-friendly  practices.  Our  company  isn't  just  about  transporting  goods;  it's  a  conduit  for  progress.  From  cutting-edge  tracking  systems  to  a  robust  safety  culture,  Logistics  services  that  stands  as  a  beacon  of  reliability  and  integrity  in  the  trucking  world.  We  don't  just  move  cargo;  we  propel  businesses  forward  with  a  vision  of  a  more  connected  and  sustainable  future,  making  us  the  trusted  choice  in  freight  transportation.


Paid orientation – get to work right away!

Solo drivers must drive 11,500 miles a month to qualify for the sign-on bonus payout

Late models VOLVO Trucks

Owner Operators Welcome to Apply - Great Owner Operator Program

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CDL Class: CDL A

Experience: 1+ year

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